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I have been using these wonderful soaps since their beginning and absolutely love them. Hope to eventually try them all. They do not dry my skin and are made with pure and natural ingredients.                          

Cindy Baggarly (7-29-18)


My husband and I love these homemade soaps. They are great in the shower and really help with dry skin. We like the Barber Shop scent and the Lavender. Our granddaughter likes the Peppermint best.               

Patti Wesley (7-29-18)


I have tried several different fragrances and found each one to be a wonderful surprise of scents, and easy to lather soaps.  They feel good as you apply them and your body feels even better as you rinse.  I've given bars to family when we had a wedding, and to my staff for Christmas.  Keep them coming! Donna Surles (7-30-18)

Top of the line! Most moisturizing soap I have ever used with no heavy perfume smell! Just healthy scents of flowers and plant essences! Thank you Ann! I love your products! 

Connie Laughter (7-2-18)


Bare Sudz has done wonders on my psoriasis....JUST SAYING!!

Kariann Hartson   (3-15-19)

I received a bar of soap from Bare Sudz at a women’s event. When I used it, it

was very evident that it made a big difference!  I’ve always had a problem with dry and very itchy skin and after a few days of using the Bare Sudz bar, I noticed that my skin was softer and the itch was gone!  Since then I have tried some of the scented soaps and they are wonderful!!  She even makes an all natural soap for babies. I love these soaps!                            

Nancy Sweet (4-30-19)


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