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Meet The CrAFTER

I am simply passionate about these soaps. I have been amazed at how they make my skin feel. After all, our skin is the covering for our whole body, so why not take the best of care of it?


A sweet lady named Nancy that goes to my church gave me some homemade soap for Christmas several years ago. I asked her to teach me the craft of soap making so that I could share it with family and friends too. We met several times and she taught me this art. Now I'm enjoying sharing it with others.


Knowing that the soaps are made with food grade oils and natural products was

enough to convince me. I know that you will love how this soap makes your skin feel too after you shower or bathe. Year round, your skin will never be the same.


I hope that you enjoy these soaps and that you will share them with others as gifts around the holidays or for special occasions.


Many blessings to you!

Ann Wayne

Founder of Bare Sudz

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