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Bare Sudz is awesome! The soap I purchased delivered the BEST lather. Additionally, it was shipped with class and care. Highly recommend!!!

Dr. Dana Cooper, Balanced Chiropractic  (8-12-20)   

The reason I was first attracted to Bare Sudz Soaps was the fact that they are made from natural ingredients.  Now, I also love the variety of scents, the availability of different sizes, the additional products such as soap dishes and soap socks, and the ease of ordering.  I have given them as gifts to friends who love them so I plan to keep them on hand now for myself and for gifts.

Joan Williamson (8-12-20)

I have been using the soaps from Bare Sudz for a little over a year and I can't imagine using anything else!  I have tried many of the varieties from the lines too many to list and the quality of those soaps is exceptional.  These soaps have ingredients that most people can pronounce and are natural.  I feel very comfortable knowing that my body is clean and fresh using these products.  It is also very rewarding knowing I am buying a product that was sustainably made and locally owned.  As a guy, I would recommend using the Sandlewood & Cedar and I am looking forward to trying the Tobacco and Bay Leaf.  Don't tell anyone but my wife uses the Sandlewood & Cedar too.  Thank you Bare Sudz for the awesome products!

Ricco Sastoque (8-18-20)

Ann, I waited quite a while to give you a review, but the soaps I bought from you have been incredible. Both Amy and I are very happy with them and plan to keep ordering them from you.
My wife works in a nursing home and constantly uses hand sanitizer. I work as a heavy equipment mechanic often outside no matter the weather conditions. For the last ten years, I have had very dry and cracked knuckles from the start of fall to spring. It is quite embarrassing to tell someone that I am not willing to shake their hand because my hands are bleeding from being so dry. I used to put lotion on my hands and gloves on for my entire workday, but this only marginally helped. After a few days of using the Bare Sudz soap at home (still using regular soap at work) I no longer have cracked knuckles. I know this sounds like a poorly funded infomercial, but I have no reason to go back to the cheap liquid soaps.
Jacob Gilliland (1-12-21)




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